IGLOW | Sports Performance Psychology | Executive Coaching Profile

Welcome to IGLOW Performance Consultancy, where maximising individual and team performance is at the forefront of my mind.




When people come together in either sport or business they are very much like for like, but IGLOW Performance separates the greatest from the great by working on what goes on behind the eyes to maximise individual and team ability.


Creating the IGLOW Performance mindset has been built on solid foundations from over 16 years of educational and hands on experience as a practising Sports Psychology Consultant and former high performing athlete. These qualities are what distinguish my own philosophical approach from that of other practising sports psychologists within the field. This subtle but important blend has allowed me to investigate what creates the IGLOW Performance mindset with those who have previously excelled in the sports and business domain. Implementing a framework based on sound academic rigour alongside elite athlete, personal and top executive accounts provides a sense of realism to all sessions delivered. Human performance is a passion, and I pride myself on providing a depth and breadth approach with all my clients, so that we can put the GLOW back into your lives, or make you GLOW that much brighter as we work together to fulfil your personal dreams and exceed your expectations.